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projectideasOMSWhether you’re a homeowner renovating for your own enjoyment, or to enhance future resale value, there are some great new projects to take on in the HVAC department. Many people now enjoy saving money using programmable thermostats, and tankless hot water systems. Energy efficient furnace and air conditioners give you peace of mind that you’re saving money now, and into the future.

Many who suffer from indoor allergens can benefit from the addition of a furnace humidifier and installing a UV filter. Keeping the home free of dust and irritants by having your furnace cleaned and maintaned regularly can improve the indoor air quality in your home. Installing high quality furnace filters can help those suffering from respiratory ailments such as sore throats and sinus issues. We love our pets, but some can do without the allergens that can filter through your indoor air.

Have you tried standing on a heated floor, or have a yearning for a gas stove? When renovating, build these features into your overall budget from the beginning, and enjoy the luxury of today’s innovative products. Kitchens and bathrooms with these special features will give you plenty of comfort at the end of a long day.

1Outdoor projects can be enhanced with proper planning for dedicated BBQ gas lines, eliminating the need to constantly refill propane tanks before entertaining. Heat your new pool or hot tub, planning to have a Certified, Professional Gas Fitter complete the work for you. What about that outdoor kitchen you were thinking of…

Renovating and finishing your basement needs thoughtful planning to avoid low hanging bulkheads and ill-placed HVAC systems. Relocate your water heater and furnace, using slim profile ductwork to save space and get that open-plan concept everyone is looking for. Additions of direct-vent fireplaces can make the basement warm and cozy.

So whether it’s something for you and your family to enjoy in your forever home, or insurance for a smooth sale in the future, plan your renovations and finishes with great HVAC products in mind. When you come home at the end of the day, and don’t give a thought to the comfort level of your home’s interior, you’ll know you have it right.

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